Watercolor Collection

by Martha Ames Burgess

Watercolorist Martha Ames Burgess, “Flor de Mayo,” has come to art as a special way to appreciate and understand Nature and history. Her background in geology, tree-ring dating, ethnobotany, and environmental education have given her a scientist’s wish for rightness in her artistic documentation, an adventurer’s sense of freedom about it, and a teacher’s wish to share it.

Her home is the desert Southwest—the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona and the Red Rock country of western Colorado—where incredible light and color enliven the landscape and the people. Her art captures moments of geological, botanical, and architectural beauty in the passage of time. Among her favorite themes are the dramatically beautiful endangered crops which she has grown out for Native Seeds/SEARCH. For more of her work available for purchase see Flor de Mayo. She seeks to give back not only through her artwork but also by teaching classes in plant knowledge.

Desert Tree NS/S Heirloom Apache Red Corn Cucurbit Harvest with Tohono O'odham Ha:L Art Deco Mariposa Lily Where Eagles Soar