Gyohi's Photo Collection
various Photographs

Each photo in this collection captures a part of the interconnected web of our Earth Community. As you see with the eye of the photographer, in that shared moment, The Buddha's teaching of "interbeing" arises.

Here He Comes Gordo is Hanging In There Gordo at His Ease Cockeyed Bird Bird at Crater Lake Mourning Dove Pigeon on the Empire State Building Yellow-Crowned Night Heron Cooper's Hawk Black Burt Truckin' Blackbird Wasp with Oriole Yellow Jacket on Oriole Feeder Yellow Jacket eating Grape Jam Bee Assassin Mantis - Anterior View Spined Soldier Bug Greenbottle Fly, eating Grape Jam . Black & Yellow Angiope Night Web Snow Plow at ICT Montserrat Spain Mediterranean passageway Sunset Manolo A. Fujiapple