Voices of the Earth Photo Collection
by various Photographers

"Know the grasses and the trees. Know the worms, and the moths, and the different sorts of ants. Know also the four-footed animals both small and great, the serpents, the fish in the water, and the birds in the air. Know their similarities and their differences so that you may know their families and species and their numbers." -The Buddha -Sutta-Nipata

Each photo in this collection captures a part of the interconnected web of our Earth Community. As you see with the eye of the photographer, in that shared moment, The Buddha's teaching of "interbeing" arises.

Japanese Maple in Afternoon Light by C. Van West Bee on Feeder by Gyohi Honey Bee Eating Grape Jam by Gyohi Caterpiller Feeding by Gyohi Monarch Caterpiller by Gyohi \ Monarch Butterfly Snow Buddha by Gyohi