Karida Sangha Library

Are We Stealing the Earth From God?   (5 pages)     Dr. Robert Meyers also in audio       

Blue Butterfly    (2 pages)

Chanoyu: The Tea Ceremony    (8 pages)

Statement of Belief A statement about the nature of reality and interdependence. (1 pdf page) Roger Irwin (Gyoshin).

How to Welcome the End of theWorld (10pages) 10 Zen pointers on the practice of welcoming by Roshi John Tarrant.

Laudato Si' Encylical letter of the Holy Father Francis on Care for Our Common Home(83pages)

Lineages (1page) Reverend Michael Elia

On Friendship (4pages) Madalin Blue

Patchwork Robe (3pages)

Paths of the Inner Way Index Reverend Michael Elia

Tea Ceremony (1 page) Poem by Chajin Pamela Ballingham, for more of her work see

The Three Treasures     (4pages)

The Practice of Sangha (20 pages) Thich Nhat Hanh explains that Sangha is more than a community,it's a deep spiritual practice.

Useful Religion     (2pages)

What is Buddhism?    (2pages)

Women in Buddhism    (1page) Reverend Michael Elia

Suggested Reading:

Irwin, Roger. Five Aspirations: A Buddhist Guide to Spiritual Practice  Karida Sangha. The essays contained in this book are derived from a series of lectures given at the Karida Buddhist Sangha in Tucson, Arizona. They comprise a meditation practice engaging the mandala of the five "Wisdom Buddhas." Topics discussed are meditation, spiritual courage, eco-Buddhism, compassion, and understanding the law of cause and effect. Available above as a free downloadable pdf file from our library as a bound book from our bookstore.

Karida Sangha. Evocation of the Bodhisattva Kuan Shih Yin: Karida Buddhist Sangha Book of Recitations
This “recitations” book is central to Karida Sangha‘s regular practice, both in groups and as individuals. The download comes in three separate PDF files containing the body of practice and additional materials including questions and answers about Karida Sangha.