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Tai chi and Karida

Buddhism and Tai Chi/Chi Gong have an ancient common history. The Buddhist monk Bodhidharma Ta-Mu (5th Cent., c.e.) is credited with originating the so-called Five Animal Forms for the monks at Shaolin Temple in China. These forms were efined over centuries along with many other physical and spiritual practices into the vast field that is now known as Tai Chi Chuan/Chi Gong. The Buddhist heritage of these arts emphasized maintaining a balance between meditation and physical training.

Many members of the El Morro Karida Sangha, El Morro Village, New Mexico, also study Tai Chi/Chi Gong with Reed Anderson. While some Sangha members are studying a traditional long form of Wu style Tai Chi,Reed most are practicing a condensed “Wellness” form of Tai Chi/Chi Gong that is straightforward and comparatively easy to learn. 
DVD cover
In 2010 Karida El Morro Buddhist Sangha produced  “Master Mok Lau's Simplified Tai Chi and HuaMountain Chi Gong for Wellness,"  an instructional DVD with accompanying study materials on CD-Rom. On the DVD, the complete "Wellness Form" is taught by Reed Anderson and it has been used successfully by his students for their own practice. If interested, you may obtain your own copy by contacting Reed Anderson.

The El Morro Wellness Tai Chi/Chi Gong students meet every Sunday from 9:30-11AM at the Old School Gallery in El Morro. If you are in the area, beginners are always welcome to join the class.