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Five Aspirations: A Karida Buddhist Guide to Spiritual Practice

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by Roger Irwin (Gyoshin)

The Five Aspirations start with the Dharmakaya mudra of turning the wheel of the Dharma, "may this action turn the Wheel of the Dharma." The Bhumisparsa mudra, the second, is associated with the aspiration, "may the earth bear witness to this action." The third aspiration, "may this action benefit all beings," is associated with the Varada mudra of giving. The fourth aspiration, "may this action be grounded in fearlessness," is linked to the Abhaya mudra. And finally, "may this action be centered in the heart" is recited with the Dhayana mudra. These aspirations, all rich in meaning, are associated with five major events in the historic Buddha’s life: his birth, the overcoming of Mara and the forces of evil, the accomplishment of the Way, the first teaching of the Dharma in the Deer Park at Sarnath, and finally, his death or Parinirvana.

The following excerpt is from page 17:

In the West it is important to understand that we generally do not arrive at the Buddha Dharma through emotion, but rather through the intellect. We didn’t come to Buddhism in the emotional experience of a tent revival. We did not become Buddhists because we were caught up in a wave of emotion and found ourselves reciting the three jewels in front of a congregation. We read a book, took a course, visited a museum, or heard a lecture.

However, it is from the heart that "Engaged Buddhism" emerges. Too often spiritual journeys begin in the heart and never make it to the intellect. The result is a faith of shadows uninformed by the light of intellect. For those so unfortunate, the battle between science and religion never ceases. Starting with the heart and never allowing the brain to play its role is a prime source of the damage done by ignorant fanatics. Buddhism teaches that ignorance is the cause of suffering. However, when religion starts in the brain, as it often does with western Buddhists, it often doesn’t make it to the heart, and the result is the damage done by cold, intellectual indifference to the cries of the world. Both heart and brain must be engaged.

Wisdom lights the Path;
The Heart makes the journey worthwhile.

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"I have read this book each year for the past five years. Even though it is a short book I have discovered something new in each read. It has been a road map for an easy but deep practice."
- Richard, AZ